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The Chatbot builder provides you a way to set up automated responses for frequently asked questions with fixed answers.

This is aimed to help ease the load of replying to questions coming in, and also to provide customers a fast, convenient way of getting answers regarding your business!

Video walkthrough

Where can I find my Chatbot settings?

You can find your auto response settings under the "Automation" page, located under the "Feedback" module.

How do I access my Chatbot settings?

After navigating to the "Automation" page, click into "Chatbot for Direct Messaging" to enter the Chatbot configuration page.

Setting up Chatbot

Greeting Message

Frequently Asked Questions

The "Frequently Asked Questions" section has several questions. Each questions can be disabled separately, or be set up to provide your customers with a customised response and a link.

By default, Momos will autofill the link with your Microsite's link, if it is available. 

However, you may choose the "Your Own Link" option to insert your own URL.

Or the "Standard Text" option to not leave a link.

The following are questions covered in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

  1. Menu
  2. Operating Hours
  3. Dietary Needs
  4. Location
  5. Reservation
  6. Ordering

The "Dietary Needs" question does not have an option to provide customers a link.


The "Resolution" section covers the Chatbot's responses after an answer has been given to the customer's question, and any follow up if required.

The "Resolution" section is covered in three options

Resolution Question

This is the response the Chatbot gives after providing an answer.

Goodbye Message (Yes answer case)

This is the response if the customer has replied "Yes" to the Resolution Question

Talk to the Restaurant (No answer case)

This is the response if the customer has replied "No" to the Resolution Question

At this point, the bot is unable to answer the customer's query, and human interaction would be required.

Custom Question Categories

The "Custom Question Categories" lets you train the Momos Chatbot to answer specific questions related to your brand!

Click on the "Add New Category" button to create your first custom question category. Afterwards, click the dropdown arrow at the far right to expand the row.

Type in your category
Name your category, this will not be shown to your customers

Provide at least 3 examples of questions that are in this category
These are the sample questions that the Momos Chatbot will use to learn what kind of responses will
 merit the response you set up for this category.

Provide the message you'd like to send to these questions
This is the response that will be given to customers that ask questions related to the category.

Agent Handover Message

The "Agent Handover Message" is the reply given in the case that the customer asks a question the Chatbot is not programmed to answer, (e.g. How crowded is it at the moment?)

Previewing the conversation

On the left of the page, you are able to preview how the conversation would look like.

A preview is available for each of the four sections that the Chatbot can be customised for.

Turning Chatbot On & Off

Turning Chatbot on or off is but a simple click! Click on the toggle located to the right of the "Chatbot is offline/online" text.

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