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Every review deserves a timely response! If you are too busy to reply to all reviews, you may set up auto-responses for Facebook and Google reviews as well as Momos Surveys and Forms with pre-determined rules.

Auto responses are sent out 3 hours after receiving the review and randomly selected from your pre-set template library for each rule.

Highly recommended to have more than 3 messages per rule to avoid appearing "bot" like!

Where can I find my auto response settings?

You can find your auto response settings under the "Automation" page, located under the "Feedback" module.

How do I access my Auto-Response settings?

After navigating to the "Automation" page, choose which Feedback channel's auto response you would like to configure.

The Automation page also shows you statistics regarding your auto response, including number of active rules and auto-response rate.

Click into any of the three feedback channels to see, create and edit the Auto response rules available.

Configuring Auto-Response settings

We will be using the "Reviews" auto response page to demonstrate, but we will cover the differences found in the "Surveys" and "Forms" page too!

Adding new rules

Add new rules by clicking on the  "Add New Rule" icon located at the top right of the table. This open up a sidebar for you to configure your new rule.

Configure your auto response rule for a specific range of stars in the review, and whether it works for reviews with text, without text or for both.

Select the brand and the applicable locations for this auto response rule to trigger for. By default, all locations are selected.

For "Reviews", select the Platform for the auto response rule. 

Lastly, you can choose whether the auto response will also automatically mark the feedback as "Resolved"


For Forms, you will have the option to choose the form the auto response is for, as well as the Inquiry type.

Lastly, click "Add and Save to Library" to create your auto response rule.

Building a library of response templates

Your new rule will require a library of responses to be created. To add new responses to your rule, simply click anywhere on the row to see the "Responses" section.

Responses added in will be available for edit or deletion here as well.

With multiple responses for a certain rule set up, Momos will send out a different response that is randomized each time.

There is a library of templates consolidated by Momos for your reference. Some of these templates have also been pre-populated into your account on set up.

Enable Auto-Response

Remember to toggle your auto response rule on when you have finished setting it up. An active auto response rule is indicated by the green button in the "Active" column.

*Note that all auto-responses would be sent out 3hrs after customer review







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