How to Search For Feedback

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How to Search For Feedback


On the Inbox Page, you can manually search for feedback by scrolling below. All feedback in the Inbox page is automatically sorted from the latest feedback displayed first, progressing to older entries.

We have 3 ways to search feedback specifically the basic filters, the sidebar filter and the main search filter. Let's explore each one!

Basic Filters

Before diving into basic filters, you can see that there are rounded rectangular buttons on top displaying the progress of resolved feedback out of the total. 

These buttons are color-coded and clickable. It will filter feedback based on the type you press.

Green = "Almost Done"

 Yellow = "Keep going"

Orange = "You're doing great"

Red = "Let's get started"

The Basic Filters, found on the Inbox Page, is a quick access filter that allows you to organize feedback based on:

  1. Type
    • Reviews
    • Surveys
    • Messages
    • Forms
  2. Star Rating (For Reviews and Surveys only)
    • 1 Star
    • 1 to 3 Stars
    • 4 to 5 Stars

  3. Reply Status
    • Replied
    • Unreplied
  4. Assigned To You

        5. Winback

  • Winback Eligible: This will only filter customers who provided a 1-3 star rating and so they are eligible to send a winback form.

  • Customer Contacted: This will only filter messages where you have contacted the customer and sent the winback form.

  • Customer Responded: This will only filter messages where the customer has responded to the form and submitted their details.

  • Offer Shared: This will only filter messages where you sent the voucher after the customer has filled out the form.

  • Wonback: This will only filter messages where the customer has accepted the voucher.

    For an in-depth process, you may check out: Handling Negative Feedback

   6. Resolved or Unresolved.

 Resolved means that there is no further action needed from your side while Unresolved means that there are actions that need to be taken such as replying, assigning and even understanding the source of the feedback.

Side Bar Filters is a much more specific type of filter with diverse options you can select. It is categorized by Basic Settings, Timeline Settings, Collaboration Settings and Form Settings.

  • Basic Settings

    This consists of all filters in Basic Filters, additionally you can filter it by:

    • Brand Name
    • Brand Location
    • Reviews with Text (Feedback consists of Text or just Star Rating)
    • Platform
    • Pending Status (Auto-Response Only, Auto-Resolve Only, Both or None)
    • Date Filter Type (Updated or Created)
    • Date Range - Updated
    • Download CSV (Option to download CSV file of all feedback based on Date Range)

  • Timeline Settings

    • Sort Timeline By (Last Updated Date, Highest Rating, Lowest Rating or Last Created Date)
    • Category Tier (Category Group, Category or Sub-Category)
    • Sentiment (Positive, Negative or Neutral)

  • Collaboration Settings

    • Assignee (All Assignees, All Assigned, Unassigned or Choose whoever Feedback Assignee you want to search)
    • Comments (All, With Comments or With No Comments)
    • Read Comments (All, Read or Unread)
    • Mentioned in Comments (All, Mentioned or Not Mentioned)
    • Followed Comment (All, Comments Followed or Comments Not Followed)

  • Form Settings

    • Stories (Stories only, Stories included or Stories excluded)
    • Winback
    • Form Name (Choose from any forms available)
    • Inquiry Type (Choose from available Form inquiry types)

Search Filter

To search for specific feedback, click on the Search bar below the Resolved Feedback Progression buttons, to give access to the AI-powered Search feature.

The Search Feature allows you to effortlessly explore the vast landscape of feedback in the Inbox using the dynamic search feature. Refine your search by entering keywords to identify specific feedback.

For example, if you are looking for customers name "Adrian" simply type in the search box:

  • Brands: If the business spans multiple brands, click the Brand Filter to choose the brand you wish to pinpoint.

  • Location: If your brand contains multiple locations, click the Location Filter to highlight all the feedback from which location/s you want to see.

  • Platform: Utilise the Platform Filter to categorize feedback based on submission channels like Facebook, Google, Grab, or other connected third party platforms.

  • Star Rating: Easily distinguish feedback whether negative or positive using the Star Rating Filter. This allows you to showcase all feedback based on their star rating from 1 star to 5 star.

  • Type: You can also filter feedback based on their type (Forms, Messages, Reviews and/or Surveys) using the Type Filter.

  • Created Date: Additionally, you can set the created date of the feedback within a specific time frame using Created Date Filter. There are also predefined time ranges such as Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days or Last 180 Days. Only the feedback created within the timeline you choose will be displayed.

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