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Momos Unified Inbox: Your All-in-One Feedback Management Solution


Momos Unified Inbox is your all-in-one solution for managing customer feedback. It serves as a central hub where you can gather feedback from various social media channels, including reviews, surveys, messages, and forms, all in one convenient location.

How It Works

-Momos Unified Inbox provides a comprehensive overview of all feedback, indicating whether they have been resolved or are awaiting a response. This helps you assess the efficiency of your feedback management process.

- Powered by MomosAI technology, Momos Unified Inbox offers advanced features and customizable search filters to help you streamline the feedback process. 

- You can assign and tag specific feedback, add internal comments for better understanding, and track the status of feedback to ensure efficient resolution.

- Responding to feedback is made simple with options to use your own words, select from a response library, or utilize MomosAI-Automated Responses to improve customer support efforts.

Locating the Inbox Page

To access Unified Inbox, navigate to Inbox under Care > Inbox

On this page, you can basically see the whole overview of the Unified Inbox and where the feedback from multiple third party platforms are gathered.

What Are Third Party Platforms?

The Third Party Platforms are some sources where feedback is collected from. (Aside from Momos Surveys and Forms) These are classified in 3 types:

  1. Social Media - Google, Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger), SMS
  2. Reservation - Opentable, Yelp
  3. Food Delivery - Uber Eats, Doordash, Grabhub, Grab, FoodPanda

What are the Feedback Types?


Momos Reviews are reviews that have been received from connected platforms of you brand like Google, Facebook, Grab or other review sites. Momos Reviews are also categorized based on the context of their feedback.

Green categories usually mean a positive feedback

Red highlighting negative feedback. 

This is done by MomosAI Categories. You can check out all the categorized data in the Care Analytics Page.

Learn more about Care Analytics here:

Analyzing categorized data on the analytics page empowers businesses to strategically analyze trends, patterns, and improvement areas across platforms, enhancing customer satisfaction strategies.


Review Type Per Platform

  • Google Review

    If a Google Review has a rating of 3 stars or lower, a winback notification will prompt the merchant to share a winback form to the customer. Learn more about winback forms here:

  • Facebook Review

    For Facebook Reviews, recommend and not recommend is translated into 5 star and 1 star accordingly on Momos reviews scale.

  • Opentable Review

    Opentable Reviews are similar to Google Reviews except there is no option to share a winback form to the customer.

  • Doordash Review

    For Doordash Reviews, you have the option to share an offer on the review upon responding.

  • Grab/Foodpanda/Deliveroo Review

    For Grab, FoodPanda and Deliveroo, you have no option to reply to the review. The order ID is also displayed on the middle top part of the review.


A versatile and customizable feedback channel that improves customer engagement, boosts brand reputation through Google Boosted Reviews, generates revenue with Offer rewards, and serves as a tool for building a robust customer database. 

Learn more about Surveys here:


Messages refer to direct, one-to-one communications between the customer and the business. This can include inquiries, feedback, or other interactions that require a more personalized response. Usually shared from platforms like SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Note: There are limitations to some message replies on Meta platforms (eg. sponsored messages from Instagram showing blank on chatbot) and also an expiration on responding if you did not reply in the chat within 7 days due to Meta’s API Policy. Learn more about Meta’s Messenger Platform and IG Messaging API Policy Overview here.


Forms are customizable data collection tools that businesses can use to gather specific information from customers. They can be designed for various purposes, such as collecting contact details, event registrations, or feedback on specific topics. Momos Forms are shared to customers via a short link or a custom QR code.

Learn more about Momos Forms here:

 Note: When the merchant responds to a Form or Survey submission, the customer will get notified via email. The customer can then reply via email and will automatically forward his reply in the thread.

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