Creating A Custom Survey Page

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Creating A Custom Survey Page


Add New Pages:

Besides the default pages, you can create and customize your own. Click on "Add New Page" near the top right, below the "Publish" button.

new page survey.gif

Page Names and Position:

 These new pages will be named "New Page 1" by default. You can edit their names and decide where they fit among the existing pages like "Experience Details" and "Experience Tags".


Add Questions:

On these pages, you can add various question types by clicking "Add New Question". You can create as many pages and add as many questions as needed.

question type.gif

Question Options:

Each question you create has several options:

  • Visibility toggle
  • "Required?" toggle
  • "Show This Question Based On Rating?" toggle with options to show on positive or negative ratings
  • Editable title with visibility toggle

Screen Shot 2024-02-12 at 3.11.37 PM.png

Question Types:

Short Text Box: Basic text input.

short text box.gif

Long Text Box: Text input allowing line breaks.

long text box.gif

Number: Allows only numerical values.


Date: Reviewers can pick a date from a calendar or input it manually.


Time: Reviewers choose a time from a picker.


Rating:  Similar to the field in the "Experience Rating" page.


Emoji Rating:  Similar to the field in the "Experience Rating" page.

emoji rating.gif

Thumbs Up/Down Rating:  Similar to the field in the "Experience Rating" page.


Point Scale: Choose between 1-5 or 1-10 scale.

point scale.gif

Dropdown: Provide options for reviewers to choose from a dropdown menu.


Multiple Choice: Similar to dropdown but allows multiple selections.

mulitple choice.gif

Picture Selection: Select from images for single selection.

picture selection.gif

Publish: After customizing your survey, click "Publish" to create it.

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