Overview of Survey Analytics

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The Surveys tab in Feedback Analytics aggregates the customer responses for you to give you an overview of how your customers responded to your survey. 

You can view how customers rated different aspects of their experience.

Video Walkthrough

Survey Analytics Cards

At the top of the Survey Analytics page, you'll find a series of cards that provides you with key information and stats.

Total Responses

Total number of survey responses.

Positive Reviews

Total Number of 4 or 5 stars rated survey responses

Negative Reviews

Total Number of 1, 2, or 3 stars rated survey responses

Avg. Rating

The average rating for all of the survey responses

Returning Customers

The number of survey vouchers that have been redeemed. These customers returned to your restaurant to redeem the voucher.

Voucher Redemption Rate

The percentage of redeemed vouchers out of all vouchers given to customers who responded to surveys

Survey Breakdown - Selected Time Range

The number of survey responses and avg. survey rating during the selected time range

Survey Breakdown - Lifetime

The number of survey responses and avg. survey rating since you have activated surveys

Customer Satisfaction score by category

While responding to the survey, the customer can respond to each aspect of their experience with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

We aggregate the customer satisfaction score based on the number of thumbs up each category received over all of the responses for that category.

This can help you determine which aspects of your restaurant experience you need to improve (i.e a high percentage of thumbs down) and where should you keep doing well (i.e a high percentage of thumbs up)

Average Rating by Order Type

This chart summarizes the average survey rating for each Order Type so that you can make sure that customers ordering through different channels have a good experience with your restaurant.

Survey Voucher Analytics

For each type of voucher that you gave away to your customers who responded to the survey, you can view how many vouchers were redeemed.

Staff Analytics Table & Staff Reviews

The Staff Analytics table summarizes the rating and reviews that your staff received in surveys. 

Add more staff members to Momos so that you can capture feedback about your staff members in your surveys.

You can also view the reviews for these staff members. Select staff members from the table if you want to view reviews for those staff members.

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