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Express Survey



When customers take our Momos Survey, they usually answer questions about how they ordered, where they ordered from, and rate their experience. But if you want to skip some of these questions for certain customers, you can create a special link.

For instance, if your customers always dine in, you can make a link that automatically selects "Dine-in" for them. This means they won't have to go through the first question and can start the survey right away.

Here's how to make the express survey link:

  1. To make the express survey link, you just need to add some specific labels to the end of your regular survey link.

  2. There are three sets of these labels that we'll use to skip the first two questions of the survey.
  1. How did you place your order with us?  serviceType

  2. Which location did you place the order from? lat and long

LabelAccepted value(s)
serviceTypedelivery, dine-in, takeaway

latitude coordinates (e.g. 1.3050858377309034)

longlongitude coordinates (e.g. 103.78889323050005)

deliveroo, foodpanda, grab, grubhub, doordash, ubereats, other

Remember, the first label should start with a "?" and the others should start with "&".

Example by sequence:

1.    ?serviceType=[delivery,dine-in,takeaway] 

2.    &lat=[coordinates]

3.    &long=[coordinates]

4. The end of your link could look like this: "?serviceType=dine-in&lat=123&long=123"

Here is what an express survey link may look like:

While this may look complex at first, it is fairly simple to create. Let's look at it step by step!

Auto-Filling The Dining Method

In this example, I want this survey to skip having my customers click on "Delivery".

Let's get our survey link!

1. Head to the Surveys page in Momos.

2. Click on the QR Code of the survey and click on the arrow icon in the pop-up.

3. Copy the survey link.

4. Next, let's add in the serviceType affix and have it set to "delivery".

  • Paste the survey link (can be in a notepad, the address bar or anywhere convenient)

  • add ?serviceType=delivery to the end of the survey link

Optional: We can also auto-fill the food delivery platform option by using the platform affix.

  • To do so, we would add &platform=foodpanda after ?serviceType=delivery
  • You can replace foodpanda with the food delivery platform of your choice

5. Copy and paste the whole survey link to your address bar. 

If successfully affixed, you should see the "Which location did you place the order from?" question after starting the survey

Your survey link should look like this:

Auto-Filling The Dining Location

Similarly to the dining method, we can customise the survey to automatically select a certain outlet location. 

We can do so by specifying the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location.

Momos will automatically choose the location that best fits the coordinates provided.

1. Google your location's address and go to "Maps".

2. In Google Maps, right click the red pin. The first option in the dropdown is the latitude & longitude coordinates. Click it to copy it to your clipboard.

The first value is the latitude, the second value is the longitude

3. With our survey link and coordinates, let's create our express survey link.

Add ?lat=[lat coordinates]

Add &long=[long coordinates] 

Do take note to replace [lat coordinates] and [long coordinates] with the latitude & longitude coordinates you got from Google Maps. 

In this example, it would be:

  • ?lat=1.2749917254347787&long=103.8463305226137

4. Copy and paste the whole survey link to your address bar.

If successfully affixed, you should skip the "Which location did you place the order from?" question after answering the "How did you place your order with us?" question.

Your survey link should look something like this:

Combining Both Auto-Fills

You can combine both affixes to create a survey that auto-fills the dining method and dining location for the customer.

Do remember that the first affix must come after a "?". 

Subsequent affixes must come after a "&".

To recap, we now have the serviceType=delivery and the lat=[lat coordinates]&long=[long coordinates] affix.

You can simply combine them together like so ?serviceType=delivery&lat=[lat coordinates]&long=[long coordinates]

It will look like this:

Also, if you're sending surveys from an api (like from your POS system), there are even more labels you can add to automatically fill in more details.

AffixAccepted value(s)

a valid email address (e.g.


plain text, use %20 in place of a space (e.g. john%20doe)


numerical values, can include the "+" for country codes (e.g +6598765432)




your own indicator of where this survey was directed from (e.g. facebook)


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