Types of Offers and how to create them

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Choose between three types of Offers, two modes of redemption and other customisable fields and conditions!

Customise the discount amount and conditions for the discount to be applicable, set a redemption time limit, and how long this Offer is valid for!

After you've created an Offer, you can choose to link it with your survey of choice.


Creating an Offer

Navigate to "Offers" on the sidebar and click on it. This will bring you to the Offers page. 

Once you are in the Offers page, you can click on "Create New Offer" to begin creating an Offer.

Offer creation can be separated into three steps: "General", "Offer Details", "Offer Conditions".



The "General" step deals with the basics of the offer, such as the name of the offer, which brand it's for and for which locations it's redeemable at.

Offer Name

The Offer name will show up on the landing page of the survey it is attached to.

However, it will not show up on the Offer email, nor the Offer redemption screen.

Applicable brand

Select from the dropdown which brand this Offer will be for.

Applicable Modules

By default, created offers can be used throughout Momos.

However, if you would like to specifically create this offer for use in either the "Customer Feedback" module for customer appeasement or "Digital Marketing" for ads, you are able to do so in this dropdown.


Select which outlets of the brand this offer will be available for.

Issuance Type

Choose between creating an Immediate or Lucky Draw type offer!


The Immediate issuance type are your standard offers, where customers can be issued an offer and redeem it based on your Offer creation settings.

Lucky Draw

The Lucky Draw issuance type will hold the list of customers who filled out your Offer issuance form, and from that list, you are able to choose the lucky winner(s)!

The number of winners can be determined in the "Number of Customers" field, while the date of which the Lucky Draw winners can be selected is set in the "Issuance Time" field.

Offer Details

Voucher Type

Momos supports three types of offers:

- Discount Amount Off

- Percentage Off

- Free Item


Discount Amount Off


The currency that the offer will use.

Enter amount off

Enter the amount of discount to be given, in numbers.

Enter minimum order value

Enter the minimum order value for the transaction to be eligible for redemption.

With the purchase of

Enter the item to be purchased in the order for the transaction to be eligible for redemption.


Note that you can only set either "minimum order value" or "with the purchase of" option


Percentage Off

An additional field that was added for "Percentage Off" type offers is the "Enter cap on discount amount" field.

This field allows you to specify the maximum discount that the offer is valid for.


Free Item

For "Free Item" type offers, specify the name of the free item that the customer must purchase for the offer to be eligible.


Offer Conditions

The "Offer Conditions" section is where you can set whether this offer is for an "Online" or "In-Store" redemption.

There are a number of different options depending on which type is chosen, let's begin with the "Online" option.



Channel Selection

Choose the platform on that the offer will be redeemable.

When selecting the "Other" option, an additional field for you to specify the URL will be available.


Sale Amount

When enabled, an additional field during the offer redemption will appear where the sale amount of the order can be keyed in.

This field can be "Optional" or "Mandatory" requirement

Enter expiration date

Set the expiration date of the offer. Once an offer has reached its expiration date, it will become invalid.

Maximum Issuances

Set a maximum number of issuance of the offer. Once the maximum number of offer is issued, the offer will become inactive but all issued offers will still be valid until expiration.

Enter redemption period in days

Set the amount of time your customers have to redeem this offer. This determines the timespan the offer is valid after issuance.

Once an offer passes the redemption period, it becomes invalid.

Blackout Period after Issuance

For offers attached to surveys, set a delay between the offer issuance and it being redeemable.

For example, if the "Blackout Period" is 2 hours, a customer that submits the survey at 4pm will only be able to redeem their offer at 6pm.

Request Customer Phone Number

Adds an additional field for the customer to fill in their phone number.

This field can be "Optional" or "Mandatory" requirement

Per customer redemption

There are three options, "Once", "Once at a time" or "Unlimited".

"Once" means each customer can only redeem one offer.

"Once at a time" means the customer can receive another offer once they're redeemed the one they currently have.

"Unlimited"  means customers can receive each offer more than 1 time, with only 1 offer redemption each time.


Coupon Codes

You are able to attach either a single code that will apply to all issued offers or multiple codes that will be randomly assigned for each offer.

The coupon code will be shown in the offer email that the customer will receive.

Use single code

Enter the code for the Offer. The code allows alphanumerical and special characters, spaces are also allowed.

Use multiple codes

For multiple codes, there are three different ways for you to set up the codes for the offer.

Do take note that when using this option, the "Maximum Issuance" field cannot be edited, and will be tied to the number of codes.

Manually enter codes

For this option, you can manually input the codes to be used for the offer.

Bulk upload codes

Upload a .csv file containing the list of codes.

Generate codes

Momos can generate the codes on your behalf!

Choose between an alphanumeric or numeric option, the length of the code and the number of codes to generate.

Once generated, you will be able to download a .csv to keep track of these generated codes.




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