Overview of the Microsite Editor

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Momos automatically pulls all information via all connected platforms to enable you to build your microsite for each brand easily through pre-filling information as you see fit.


General Info


Select the brand whose microsite you'd like to configure.

Microsite Live URL

Your brand's microsite URL can be found here. You may click the link button to the right of the field to open the site in a new tab, or you can double click the text box to copy the URL.

Remember to set your Microsite to active if you'd like to have a take a look around it using the link!


Alternatively, you can preview your microsite by using the "Preview" button at the top right. However, you are unable to click on the buttons in this preview mode.

Choose Service Options

Choose the service options that the brand offers. The selected options will appear on the microsite.

Choose Review Platform

Choose which platform the microsite will display your brand's review rating from.

Google, Facebook, Deliveroo, Grab and Foodpanda are all available options.

Note that only platforms that have been connected will be shown as an option.


The Buttons section is where you can customise the clickable buttons your customers see when they visit your Microsite.

By default, we have three buttons available: Menu Button Name, Delivery Button Name and Reservation Button Name.

While these three buttons are created by default, you may toggle them on or off with the switch.

Also, the buttons will appear only if Momos detects that there is a valid link for the button (e.g. the Menu button will appear only if there is a Microsite menu available"

Creating custom buttons

You may also create additional buttons for your Microsite, these can be named as you wish and can be customised to redirect your customers to a website of your choosing upon clicking on it.


The "Styling" section provides you with simple tools to customise the look of your microsite.

Overview of the styling section

Here's a short demonstration of how to customise your microsite colors in a minute!

Quick tips for styling your Microsite

Brand Logo

For your brand logo, it is recommended to have a little extra border space to ensure there is wiggle room for positioning the logo.

Also, do take care when uploading a .png file with a transparent background. The background will be rendered black.

Background color

Commonly for logos with a white background, setting the header's background color to white works well.

However, when setting the background color to white, remember to set the font color to something else that provides a good contrast!

The body of the microsite's background color could be the primary color of your brand logo, or something that matches it.

Social Media Info

Add your brand's social media info links here! This will create a button that your customers can click on to redirect them to the social media link that you've input. 

You can also rearrange the order of which they appear in.

Do note that for the button to appear, the field must not be empty.


Platform Info

The "Platform Info" section is where you can manage your food delivery platform and reservation links.

Heads up! While the examples below are using delivery platform links, it is applicable to Reservations as well.

Adding in platform links

Usually, the food delivery platform links are auto-populated by Momos. However, in the case where amendments need to be made, here's how to do so!

Your Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Grabfood outlets, and whether they have links connected to them can be seen in this section. 

These links refer to the food delivery platform's URL to your outlet, here are examples for each platform. 

Deliveroo: https://deliveroo.com.sg/menu/singapore/hougang/your-brand-name-here

Foodpanda: https://www.foodpanda.sg/restaurant/zxcz/your-brand-name-here

Grabfood: https://food.grab.com/sg/en/restaurant/your-brand-name-here/SGD029381

To add in links for your outlets, you can click on the down arrow next to the toggle to expand it.

Afterwards, click on the "See More" link.

You'll see a pop up menu with all your food delivery platform outlets, in this example we are using GrabFood.

After putting in your GrabFood links, remember to click on Save!

Adding a Promotional Message

For each of the food delivery platforms, you can add in a promotional message that will show up in the Microsite.

You may also rearrange the order of which the platforms are lined up in the microsite, or disabling one of them completely.

Outlet Info

The "Outlet Info" section shows you your brand outlets that are currently connected to Momos.

You may choose whether to have these brands show up on your Microsite or not by toggling them.


Toggle whether to have the "Subscribe" button on your Microsite. 

When active, visitors can subscribe to your Microsite. 

This lets you collect valuable customer data like their Name and Email address, which you can then use in the future.

You can also customise the text and styling of the Subscribe button to suit your brand's style.

Subscribe Button

Customise the text of the button, as well as the font and highlight color

Customise the text that shows on the pop-up that appears before your visitors subscribe.

You can choose whether to show the pop up to all users on page load by default.

Click on the eye to see a preview of how the pop-up looks!

Form Fields

Select what fields your visitors are required to fill out to subscribe and the order in which they appear.

You can also choose to reward first time subscribers with a voucher.

Lastly, you can also customise the text and color of the Subscribe button.

Unsubscribe Pop-up

Customise the text your customers see when choosing to unsubscribe from you.

As with the Subscribe pop-up, click on the Eye icon to see a preview of what your customers see.

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