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Why can't I reply to customer's messages on Momos after 7 days?


Currently, after 7 days from the customer's last reply, the conversation is locked on Momos and we are unable to send a response. This is due to a limitation that Facebook has placed.

As we are bringing in reviews from Facebook & Instagram through a channel that they are providing us, we are unable to address this restriction.

The reason for this limitation is to put a precedence on timely resolution of customer enquiries.

You may read their article regarding this here - https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/policy/policy-overview

However, do note that this 7 days limitation applies only to third-party integrations. You are still able to reply to customer enquiries after 7 days from their last reply by using Facebook & Instagram directly.

Does the 7 days window restart when I respond to a customer?

No, it does not. The 7 days window commences from when users first directly messages you, hence we recommend responding within a 7 days SLA.

If the user messages the page again, the 7 days window will then restart, based on the new incoming message.


Why are some direct messages saying "you have been mentioned in a story"?


Due to Facebook policies, Facebook and Instagram story screen captures and media can not be ported into the Direct Messaging interface on Momos.

There are three types of media that we do show on Momos: Text, Pictures & Videos.

However, for story mentions, you may click on the link to view the story on Facebook or Instagram directly. Do note that story mentions are only up for 24 hours!


If a new message comes in for a Resolved chat, will it become Unresolved again?


The chat will remain in the "Resolved" tab.

However, the red counter icon with no. of unread message that appears beside the chat will be present.

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