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Does my email show up to customers when responding to a review on Facebook or Google through Momos?


Your responses to reviews will always show up as "Response from the owner" for Google and your business page name in Facebook.

Momos will show the user that replied to the review for administrative use cases. You may change the way your name appears in Momos' review timeline by updating your Momos username.



How frequently does Momos bring in new reviews to the Reviews Timeline page?

Google & Facebook reviews

Reviews from Google are currently brought in once every 30 minutes.

If there is a disparity between your Google or Facebook review page and Momos, it may be that the reviews have not been brought in to Momos yet and will appear in the next 30 minute interval sync.

Delivery Platforms

Momos brings in reviews from the delivery platforms every day before 9am. However, Grab's data may see a delay of up to 2 days.


Why do I not see reviews that I have replied directly via Google or Facebook?


We are unable to import in updates made to the review (e.g. replying outside of Momos) after the first sync and are currently looking to enhance this feature.

In the meantime, we would encourage you to try replying to these reviews directly via Momos.

We can also facilitate in your response by opening up the response library, saving you some trouble to craft out response messages.



Why can’t I reply to reviews from food delivery platforms?


At the moment, Foodpanda, Grab and Deliveroo do not allow for replies to reviews.

Progressively, when food delivery platform allows merchants to reply to in-app reviews post ordering, we will have that on Momos as well.


How are the percentage changes in the "Review Breakdown" section calculated?


Percentage change

The percentage change shown in the "Review Breakdown" section shows the difference in rating between your lifetime value of the platform versus that of your selected date range.

For example, if my lifetime rating for Foodpanda is 4.5 and in the week of 4th April to 10th April I received 10 reviews, with the sum of the total review ratings being 43, my average rating would be 4.3 for the week.

The "Review Breakdown" section would report that as a decrease in value of 4.4%, rounded to one decimal place. 

Review value

To better understand how the "Review Breakdown" section works, let's dive into how we calculate the values shown in the section.

Firstly, to simplify the formula used to calculate the value shown in the "Reviews Breakdown" section it would be:

[(Sum of Lifetime Total Review Rating) / Lifetime Total Reviews] - rounded up to one decimal point

That is to say, if if I have 100 reviews on my Facebook, and the sum of the total review ratings is 372 my average rating would be 3.7.

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