Introducing the Unified Feedback Inbox

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Access your Reviews, Direct Messaging, Surveys and Inquiries all in one page!

We've consolidated all the different feedback types available on Momos to be easily accessible without having to navigate to different pages.

The Feedback Inbox is separated into two main sections, the Header section and the Table section

Let's begin with taking a look at the Header section

Header Section

The Header section comprises of four main boxes, each showing you your current number of unreplied feedback and your total number of replied feedback.

These four main boxes are for Reviews, Direct Messages, Surveys and Inquiry Forms

For each of these boxes, the following information is available

Total No. of Replied Feedback / Total No. of Feedback Received

Progress bar

If you have not created a Survey or an Inquiry, you will instead see a "Create" button which will redirect you to the appropriate page where you may create your Survey or Inquiry Form.

Table Section

Regardless of the feedback type that is selected, the following parts of the Table section are shared.

Status columns

The "Unreplied", "Replied" and "All" status columns are shared for present for all feedback types

Filter buttons

The "All", "Reviews", "Surveys", "Messages" and "Forms" filter buttons are always present. You can select multiple of these filter buttons.

Selected filters will have their button filled green.

There are also filter buttons for the star ratings of the review.

As well as whether to include, exclude or show only Instagram Story mentions in the timeline.

Responding to Reviews and Surveys Feedback

Read our article below to learn more about responding to your "Reviews" and "Surveys" feedback!

"Replying to Reviews & Survey Responses"

Responding to Direct Messages

Clicking on the "Respond" button to the right of the Direct Messages will open up a sidebar with the conversation

For more information about replying to Direct Messages, please read our article "Overview of Direct Messaging"

Responding to Inquiry Form submissions

Inquiry form submissions can be replied to similarly to how you'd do so for Surveys.

For more information, read about it in our article "Viewing and Replying to Inquiry Form submissions"

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